The “Raccomandazioni CTI” are real modifications of the original text of the Raccolta VSR, therefore the allowable stresses (and also some of the design methods) are similar to those in EN 13445 part 3. The program VSR contains different moduli for the calculation of cylindrical shells, domend ends, opening reinforcements, flanges, flat covers, tubesheets, etc., together with an extensive material database containing the most important UNI, DIN, EN and ASME materials listed in the Raccolta “M”. As in all the other Sant’Ambrogio packages, the user may purchase a licence only for the moduli that he will actually use. The calculation of stresses due to nozzle loads according to WRC 107/297/537 is also an option that can be added to the software. The calculation of the test pressure required by the Raccomandazioni CTI and by the PED is also possible.