How to ask for technical support

NextGen has a built-in function to request technical support. Just click on the “Ask for support” button available in the top toolbar:

After pressing the button, the following form will be shown:

Name, e-mail address and phone number are essential data to get back to you; these data are stored after the first request.

The fields in the “Description” section should be filled appropriately: the “Reason” drop down list contains the following reasons why you’re contacting our support team:

  • Program shows an error when I execute a specific action
  • Program gives wrong results
  • I think I have found an error in the program
  • I want to ask something to technical support

These items are needed to funnel your request to the most appropriate person and to give it the right priority. In the following text field you should explain at your best why you’re asking for help and what kind of problem you’re experiencing. For example, if a component gives an error, specify which component, what are the expected results, a reference to the calculation code, etc.

Filling these fields carefully means receiving a more precise and prompt service; to solve a problem we need to understand it at first: unclear requests need a series of questions and answers between you and our technicians that inevitably lengthen the time until final solution.

Extend support request

When a support request is sent, some files are sent along with it, like logs and – upon user’s request – the currently opened item. If more files are needed to clarify a request, these files can be attached like in a normal e-mail program. This files are usually screenshots, documents or drawings in any known format. Just click “Add file” to attach one or more files.

Why choose “Ask for support” over e-mail or telephone

Often, support requests are sent through other media, mainly e-mail; in these cases, item files (.sit) are attached to the message.

This is always a viable option, but it’s strongly discouraged. Here’s why:

  • Addressee of the message may not be the most appropriate person to answer; moreover, he or she can be out of office and your request can stay unanswered for a longer time than needed
  • When messages are sent to, these messages don’t have a ticket number assigned and following up can became difficoult
  • Important files needed to investigate the problem are not sent to the support team: logs, custom databases, license and environment information are examples of  data not sent when writing an e-mail
  • A phone call is understandably the fastest way to get an answer: however, it is better to limit this option to those cases when a voice answer can be given (e.g. where to find a certain function, what’s the status of a previous ticket), not when a problem shows on a customer’s screen, because in those cases it usually happen that to fully understand the problem the person you’re talking with will ask to send the item via “Ask for support”

How to ask for support via e-mail

In certain cases a support request needs to be sent by e-mail, for example NextGen can be installed on an offline computer or the server receiving support requests can have an outage. In this case, here’s the procedure to follow:

  • Use “Ask for support” as you would normally do, as shown above
  • Instead of pressing “Send”, click the “Save .zip file” button
  • A file named “Sant’Ambrogio Support” will be created on your desktop, containing all the information needed by our support team
  • Send the aforementioned file as a normal e-mail attachment to

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