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scambiatore di caloreSant’Ambrogio can supply software packages for mechanical calculation and cost evaluation of pressure vessels and heat exchangers in accordance with different standards: ASME Section VIII division 1 and division 2, AD 2000, VSR, VSG and EN13445. All packages have a modular structure, so each user can customize the programs according to his needs. The vast majority of Italian manufacturers, many European and non-European manufacturers, engineering companies and Notified Bodies are our customers

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Design and services

fasci tubieriSant’Ambrogio offers a broad range of services to pressure vessel and heat exchangers professionals:

  • DBF (Design by Formulae) in accordance with any calculation codes
  • DBA (Design by Analysis): design and fatigue analysis by means of finite element calculation
  • Thermal design
  • Certification of pressure equipment
  • Assistance and consultancy on the PED

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Courses and Trainings

Foto-corso-sant'ambrogio softwareSant’Ambrogio periodically organizes specific courses and trainings on the Design of Pressure Vessels and Heat ExchangersPractical examples are provided, in addition to theoretical knowledge, mainly aimed at educating students on how to achieve the design optimization, minimizing weight and cost of the equipment while ensuring compliance with the reference standard. The courses are divided into several modules that can be chosen by the participants according to their specific needs

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About US

Sant’Ambrogio Servizi Industriali is an Italian company, ISO 9001 certified,  specialized in pressure equipment design. We develop software for mechanical design of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, perform DBF (Design by Formulae) and DBA (Design by Analysis – by means of finite element calculation) of pressure vessels and exchangers as well as thermal design of exchangers. We also hold courses and customized training on mechanical and thermal design.

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