NEXTGEN software

A powerful and feature-rich software for Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger design

NextGen is the new software for mechanical design and verification of pressure vessels and heat exchangers in accordance with ASME VIII Division 1Division 2EN 13445-3, EN 13480 and AD 2000, with options for calculating in wind and earthquake conditions according to NTC, Eurocodes, UBC 97, ASCE 7-10, modules for the calculation of loads on nozzles according to WRC 107/297/537, tubesheets to TEMA IX and to perform structural analysis of vertical columns. The software also includes the database of the most common standard components used in pressure vessels, like ASME/ANSI B16, B31, EN 1092-1, EN 1759-1, etc.

The database containing all the SA/SB allowed materials, the immediate recalculation of the equipment according to the selected standard and other newly developed and highly advanced features, such as 3D graphics and transparency, simplicity and intuitiveness of use make it an extremely powerful software.

Other features complete the software, such as: a wizard for creating all components of TEMA heat exchangers with a single set of input data, the calculation of tubesheets according, modules for the calculation of rectangular vessels and for the calculation of every type of support (saddles, skirts, legs, brackets, etc.).

All main packages of the Classic Edition are being transferred to the NextGen platform: starting from a vessel/ exchanger which has already been graphically assembled, it will be possible to instantly change the calculation code that was originally used. This possibility already exists for users of ASME VIII Division 1Division 2, and EN 13445-3 which can therefore immediately see the (positive or negative) consequences of a modification of the calculation standard for a specific item. Already in the current version is also possible to calculate an item with the previous editions of the same code.

Don’t miss the chance to profit from the double saving achieved by using NextGen software: first saving is the economic advantage in weight and man hours due to the optimization procedures cabled into the software, second saving is the lower time consumption of the designer needed to create the optimized design.

Last but not least, Sant’Ambrogio’s assistance, always available for any need.

Fill the contact form to request a trial version of the software and to test the advanced features and the easy of use of the software.

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software pressure vessels ASME VIII Div 1 and ASME VIII Div 2

software sant'ambrogio ASME VIII Div 1 and ASME VIII Div 2

nextgen secondo EN 13445.3Nextgen software Sant'Ambrogiopressure vessels ASME VIII Div 1 and ASME VIII Div 2








Let’s have a look to NEXTGEN through some CALCULATION EXAMPLES


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