Languages: Italian only. ISPESL was the Italian Official Pressure¬† Vessel Authority (now INAIL). All the old ISPESL rules (Raccolta VSR=Verifica Stabilit√† Recipienti, Raccolta VSG = Verifica Stabilit√† Generatori, Raccolta M=Materiali and Raccolta S =Saldature) are frozen at their last 1999 Edition. However CTI (=Comitato Termotecnico Italiano) in 2005 has issued specific amendments (“Raccomandazioni per l’uso delle Raccolte ISPESL in ambito PED”) in order to comply with the prescriptions of the Pressure Equipment Directive. The preparation of Further amendments is now under discussion. The “Raccolte” consider all metallic materials, and also some non-metallic materials, like glass and plastics. VSR and VSG are mainly based on DBF, however DBA with the traditional elastic method is possible with VSR. No rules for Fatigue Analysis are provided. Design in creep conditions is possible for any predefined lifetime, provided the relevant material data are available. More information on: