About Us

Sant’Ambrogio is an italian company highly specialized in pressure vessels software and mechanical design

Sant’Ambrogio Servizi Industriali, recently certified to ISO 9001 by TÜV Italy, was founded in 1988 as an Italian company focused on the design of pressure vessels and heat exchangersThis activity has been integrated with the production of software for mechanical design of pressure vessels and the organization of specific courses and customized  trainings on thermal and mechanical design.Big pipeline in the abstract refinery sant'ambrogio servizi industriali

A software that improves efficiency and increases profitability

Software development has been undertaken from the very beginning to meet at first the internal needs of the company related to the calculation and design. Driven by precise demands of customers and inspection bodies, it was then decided to market the software licenses and  investing resources on continuous improvements of user interfaces: born under the DOS system, then transferred and improved in Windows systems, our software is subject to continuous updates. It now allows clients to benefit from a three-dimensional graphics (NextGen platform) and a number of additional features that, in addition to making the use of the software easy and intuitive, enhance the design process by allowing customers to quickly find solutions, improving efficiency and increasing profitability. A first snapshot of our core competences: Pressure vessel software, Pressure vessel design, Heat exchanger design software, EN 13445.3 design software, ASME Section VIII design software.

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Fast and effective assistance

Our software for mechanical design of pressure vessels is not the product of a simple software house, but rather of an engineering company that uses it daily and this is an unquestionable guarantee of its validity and usefulness. Sant’Ambrogio ensures a fast and efficient customer service that supports the customers both in the software use and all the design activities.

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