Classic software

The Classic software includes all the tools that haven’t been migrated to the new NextGen platform yet and allows to specific tasks and cost evaluation needs for pressure vessels and heat exchangers. The following packages are available:

EN 13445 Part 6 – Pressure Vessel software in accordance with EN 13445-6

Software for mechanical design and checking of testing requirements for pressure parts and pressure vessels made of spheroidal graphite cast iron(SCGI) according to EN-13445 Part 6. In general the rules in the relevant parts of EN-13445 Parts 3 are applicable for spheroidal graphite cast iron, taking into account additions and limitations provided in EN-13445-6. For certain applications, ductile iron castings are proven to be a cost effective alternative with equal safety to steel castings, forgings and welded fabrications for pressure vessels. Castings can accommodate greater complexity of shapes and may unify different functions in the same part. FERRITIC DUCTILE IRON (Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron) and AUSTENITIC DUCTILE IRON  are included in the software.

VSG – Pressure Vessel software in accordance with the Italian code VSG

Software for mechanical design of steam generators in accordance with the Italian code VSG (integrated with the Recommendations by CTI – Comitato Termotecnico Italiano – for the use of the Raccolte ISPESL within the scope of the PED).

EN 286 Part 1

Software for mechanical design of simple pressure vessels according to EN 286 part 1. This is the harmonized standard for the Simple Pressure Vessel Directive (Directive 2009/105/EC):

The standard is used for the calculation of tanks containing air or nitrogen made either of Carbon Steel or of Aluminium Alloys. The software has a material data base and several component moduli for the calculation of cylindrical shells, domed and flat ends and flanges.

Cost evaluation of shell & tube heat exchangers (STEMEC) – Software in accordance with ASME VIII div.1 and TEMA

asme viii div. 1

STEMEC is a software for complete mechanical design of shell and tube heat exchangers according to ASME VIII div. 1 and TEMA, including tubesheet calculation to UHX part, calculation of weights and evaluation of material costs based on the material prices stored in the data base. The software includes also an optional module allowing the calculation of workshop hours (or costs) by means of customizable tables providing times and prices for all the possible shop operations. Another option of the program allows the generation of  drawings (setting plan, scantling drawing and tubesheet layout). An optional interface with the H.T.R.I. program Xist for thermal design of shell & tube heat exchangers permits to carry out complete mechanical design starting from the results of the thermal calculation.

Cost evaluation of pressure vessels (PECOS)

PECOS is a software for cost evaluation of any type or shape of pressure vessels (towers, tanks, reactors etc.). The user has to input the geometric dimensions of all the vessel components. There is a material data base that may be implemented by the user with all the relevant material costs. The calculation of workshop hours (or costs) is based on customizable tables considering all possible shop operations. A new version with up-to-date user interface is planned for future release.

Tubesheet layout (TRACCIA)traccia tubesheet layout

TRACCIA is a software for heat exchanger tubesheet layout with a CAD module for the modification of tubesheet layout by means of a graphic interactive optimized procedure. This software may be integrated into the STEMEC program in all cases where a tubesheet layout coming from the thermal design is not available. The software may also be personalized in order to supply the input media to be used for the drilling machine.