EN 13445 part 3

EN 13445 part 3 – Edition 2014, issue 3

Languages: French, German and English (translations in other languages have been prepared by some of the national standard organizations). Steels, spheroidal cast iron, aluminium alloys are considered in the standards. Nickel and Titanium alloys are in preparation. It is based not only on DBF (=Design by Formulae) methods, but also on DBA (=Design by Analysis) methods: 2 different DBA methods are considered (elastic analysis and limit analysis). Detailed rules for Fatigue Analysis are given, with a simplified method for Fatigue evaluation based on DBF. Rules for loads other than pressure are also provided. There is a new “issue” of the standard every year. A completely new edition, including all the preceding issues, has been published in 2014. Design in creep conditions is possible for any predefined lifetime, provided the relevant material data are available. More information on the web sites of all the national European standard organizations affiliated to CEN.