HASP Network Dongle – connecting through a VPN

In order to connect to a HASP network dongle (red) from an external network it is necessary to provide the IP address of the computer where the dongle is plugged in on every remote workstation.

For example, on a network with addresses if the dongle is connected to a server with address (see below) the following operations shall be performed on remote machine with IP




Firewall configuration

Network traffic occurs on port 1947 (both TCP and UDP). Please check that the ports are open and the firewall is not blocking communications.


Remote clients configuration

Configure the dongle machine IP address on every remote pc. The Sentinel Admin Control Center may be reached on every machine at address http://localhost:1947/:



Under the “Configuration” menu select “Access to Remote License Managers” and type the IP address of the dongle machine, then confirm clicking on the “Submit” button:


Establish the VPN connection and check that the server may be reached from the remote machine. Repeat these operations on every remote pc.

In case of problems please contact your network administrator to verify that the communication with the server is working.