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ROHR2 screen

Sant’Ambrogio is now co-operating with SIGMA Germany and offers ROHR2 software for Stress Analysis of Piping in Italy

Sant’Ambrogio and the German engineering company SIGMA have stipulated an important agreement: starting from the 1st March 2014 Sant’Ambrogio represents ROHR2 software for piping stress analysis by SIGMA in Italy and SIGMA represents the mechanical calculation software by Sant’Ambrogio in Germany.

Since more than 40 years ROHR2 is a leading Software for Pipe Stress Analysis, a standard tool for pipe static and structural framework analysis, covering a variety of specifications like ASME, EN, ISO14692, KTA, CODETI or RCCM. The software is equipped with a range of additional features enhancing the engineer’s daily job, as there are FEM analysis (ROHR2fesu), isometric capabilities (ROHR2iso) and a wide range of CAD and CAE interfaces.