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Masterclass on EN 13445 and the evolution of Pressure Equipment design

In September 2018 Sant’Ambrogio together with Sirris and Agoria  has organized a two-days seminar in Gent, Belgium on the new developments in design of pressure equipment and the relevant standands, particularly the European Harmonized Standard EN 13445.

It consisted in an interactive tour throughout the EN 13445 illustrated by practical examples, comparing the economic value of its application to the one of other common standards (such as ASME VIII div 1 and  div2, AD-2000, CODAP).

Also manufacturing, inspection and issues relating to materials for pressure equipment have been considered.

The speakers of the Masterclass were Dr. Eng Fernando Lidonnici, expert in designing pressure vessels, vice-president of Sant’Ambrogio and chairman of the European workgroup TC54-WG53, which developed the design part of EN 13445 and Ludo (Piet) Verbesselt, former chairman of the workgroup TC54-WG58 ‘Nodular cast iron vessels’ of the EN13445, and an active member of all workgroups concerning all Parts of EN 13445 standard.