What’s being cooked up?

The 2015.2 version of our new software platform NextGen (containing the software to ASME Section VIII division 1, division 2 and EN 13445.3)  has just been released. It includes the Edition 2015 of ASME and many enhancements. We are currently working to complete the calculation modules according to EN 13445.3, 2014 Edition; the package contains now also wind and seismic calculations, and particularly the new Clause 22 of EN 13445.3 (Calculation of Tall Vertical Vessels). The user may select all possible loading conditions (superposition of pressure, weight, wind and seismic loads during erection, installation, transport, service and test). The general philosophy of this software is to put the user in the position of performing a complete calculation according not only to the requirements of the selected standard, but also to the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive: therefore we have also tried to fill all the possible gaps of the standards, completing the software with calculations taken from different alternative sources. This has been made, for example, for the saddles of horizontal vessels, where the traditional Zick’s method of ASME Section VIII division 2 has been extended also to wind and seismic calculations (that is, to calculations in presence of horizontal forces); or for the local loads of nozzles, for which EN 13445.3 considers only 3 of the 6 possible load components, and therefore an integration with an alternative method is in many case necessary (the selected alternative method is the WRC 537/297/107 method already used in the ASME calculations).


We welcome our new licensees:

AQUAGAS Sweden AB – Trosa – SWEDEN

AQUALOGY Aqua Ambiente – Barcelona – SPAIN

CO.ME.T.  Srl – Roddi (Cuneo) – ITALY

ENDEL – Colombes – FRANCE

ENGITERM Srl – Tribiano (Milano) – ITALY


SOCIETA’ ITALIANA del CLORO Srl – Rosignano Solvay (Livorno) – ITALY

TANKO SpA – Siracusa- ITALY

TEKFEN Engineering – Istanbul – TURKEY

TGE MARINE Gas Engineering GmbH – Bonn – GERMANY

TM.I.P.  Srl – La Spezia – ITALY