Software News 2019

NextGen software 2018-2019

With the release of version 2018.3 and the preparation of new releases for 2019 the update and enhancement work on NextGen software is going on; many important features have been added to NextGen software in 2018 as:

  • ASME calculation report in Russian language, EN 13445 and AD2000 calculation reports in German and Italian language
  • Integration with NozzlePRO
  • New EN 13480 calculation module
  • Local load transfer
  • Detailed fatigue assessment in EN 13445 and AD 2000 software modules

In addition to these, a lot of other features have been added; you can find the complete list in the software changelog

Useful features and enhancements will be introduced in the first 2019 version, which is scheduled for the the first months of the year:

  • Sketch of nozzles in the calculation report
  • Checking of vertical vessel lifting, with the introduction of new components: trunnions, tailing lugs and flange lugs
  • Possibility of defining the vertical load due to snow
  • IBC 2018 and ASCE 7-16 for earthquake and wind
  • New interface for component definition

During 2019 we will also add to NextGen software the calculation of expansion bellows in accordance with EJMA and start the upgrade of VSR calculation module from classic version to NextGen version.

In short, quite a lot of new developments and many other new features which are already planned or in course of development!