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EPERC seminar on New Approaches to Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection of Pressure Equipment in Rome

A Seminar on “New Approaches to Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection of Pressure Equipment” organized by EPERC, the European Pressure Equipment Research Council, will be held on 11 April 2017 in Rome.

The seminar will be preceded by EPERC Task Group Meetings & General Assembly on 10 April 2017.

The two Task Groups that will meet in the morning of 10 April are ‘Hydro Testing and Pressure Vessel Integrity’ and ‘Fatigue’. In the afternoon the EPERC General Assembly will take place.

The venue of the event is INAIL, Piazzale Pastore Giulio, 6, 00144 Rome, Italy.

The Task Groups Meetings & General Assembly are open to EPERC Members only.
However, non-members may join these meetings as a one time guest observer or join EPERC as a member first.

What is EPERC and which are its targets?

The European Pressure Equipment Research Council (EPERC) is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Brussels. Its mission is to coordinate, develop and promote the common technical interests and strategies of European industry with regard to pressure equipment through:
a) research in relation to the international context and European institutions
b) exchange of industry experience in the fabrication, use, inspection, monitoring, safe life assessment etc.
c) influencing codes and standards by providing industry and research information and data.

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