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Sant’Ambrogio mechanical design courses

Since a few years Sant’Ambrogio proposes technical courses on the design of pressure vessels and heat exchangers. This is an outstanding training opportunity for pressure vessel and heat exchanger designers working for manufacturers and engineering companies, as well as inspectors of notified bodies who review calculations and personnel charged with quality assurance and offer preparation.

In addition to providing basic principles on the mechanical design of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, several calculation examples are presented during the courses and the differences due to the application of the main calculation codes (as ASME and EN 13445) are shown.

Participants are trained on how to optimize of the design, minimize weight and cost of the equipment while maintaining compliance with the reference standards and learn the differences between the main calculation standards in order to be able to recognize which will be the impact of a particular standard in terms of thickness and weight.

Standard program of the 4 days course:

Module 1

  • General concepts and methods of mechanical design of pressure equipments


Module 2

  • Mechanical design of pressure vessels under internal and external pressure  
  • Mechanical design of flanged connections


Module 3 ­

  • Thermal design of shell and tube heat exchangers  
  • Mechanical design of shell and tube heat exchangers


Module 4

  • Designing for loads other than pressure  
  • Fatigue calculation


It is possible to participate also in single course modules, i.e. it’s not necessary to register for the whole 4 day course.

Course speaker:

Dr. Fernando Lidonnici, Convenor of Working Group 53 “Design methods” of CEN TC54 (Unfired Pressure Vessels), Vice-President of EPERC (European Pressure Equipment Research Council).

A new session of the course will probably held in the next months in Belgium.